Mini Hog Roast

Hog Roast for small groups

Looking for a hog roast for groups of 20 or less? I can come to you and cook roast pork, served with freshly made apple sauce, meat juices and soft, freshly baked bread from my local bakery. Plus sides and vegetarian and vegan options. All cooked in your home or holiday home kitchen.

Served carvery / buffet style.
Perfect for then sitting down or standing up, as part of a garden party or indoors - whatever the weather!

What's on the mini hog roast menu

Succulent seasoned pork shoulder slow roasted with sage and cider, with crackling, apple sauce and a range of sides: chunky potato wedges or hand cut chips, crispy salads, devilled eggs, dressings and dips - anything to make your party or gathering special and relaxed.

I'll cook the food, lay out a spread and then carve the meat for each guest ...with relaxed timings to fit the atmosphere and progress of the party.

A popular meat-free option that fits the informal feel of a hog roast is falafel, roasted red pepper, pan-fried mushroom and mayo wraps. But since I'm your private chef for the day, the possibilities are endless!

Don't forget: almost everything can be tweaked to make it suitable for dietary preferences, so do ask. Vegan, vegetarian, IBS-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free... it's all perfectly possible.

Hog roast


all can be gluten and dairy free

Succulent seasoned pork shoulder, slow roasted with sage and cider

Freshly cooked organic apple sauce

Crispy salty pork crackling

Rich tasty meat roasting juices

Soft, freshly baked bread rolls from my local bakery

Seasoned organic potato wedges or hand cut chips

Sides: olives, devilled eggs, seasonal salads, dressings, dips etc

Meat-free option: falafel, roasted red pepper, pan-fried mushroom and mayo wraps

Desserts also available. How about chocolate and biscuit tart with seasonal fruit and clotted cream?