Pilaf in the Pennines

Pilaf in the Pennines

Harissa roasted cauliflower pilaf with chickpeas, sultanas, dates, dill, toasted flaked almonds, pomegranate, lemon-pickled red onion, saffron and natural yogurt.

Part of a Middle East inspired three course meal I cooked recently for a ‘Yorkshire lass now living in Dubai’ on her visit home to the West Yorkshire Pennines.

Pudding was a Yorkshire rhubarb crumble with a Middle Eastern twist: the local rhubarb was infused with fresh cardamom and rose, and the topping with sesame and pistachio.

Having a private chef attend the party was a surprise for her friend and I was given free reign to put the vegetarian menu together in secret. 12 diners in total in Shibden, between Halifax and Queensbury.


This is just one of many insights into my work as a travelling private chef in the North of England. "Where do you cook?" I hear you ask, "I'm looking for a private chef near me".

Well, this example relates to my work as:

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