For everyone who booked a meal in 2022

For everyone who booked a meal in 2022… this is the fabulous compost made from last year’s fruit and veg peelings, paper bags, cardboard punnets and egg boxes left over when preparing your meals. I bring everything home from my @thecookinthenorth travelling chef bookings to recycle or compost – and this is the result. My daughter and I harvested some fabulous potatoes from these raised beds a few months ago. They’re now ready for next year’s growing. I’m also using this batch of compost to plant previously potted thyme, tarragon and mint in the ground to make them more resilient to dry summers. The rosemary, sage, chives and oregano have loved the new beds this year, so I’m following their thriving lead!

A big shout to @riverford organic farmers for the excellent, truly home compostable packaging used for their weekly deliveries.


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