Food intolerance, allergy or simply keen to avoid certain ingredients

Food intolerance, allergy or simply keen to avoid certain ingredients? No problem. When dishes are made from scratch, with ingredients you can see, in a kitchen you’re more than welcome in as the food is being prepared, you can relax and trust that your meal won’t contain any surprises. Whether it’s avoiding onions and garlic, gluten and dairy, nuts and seafood, or even too much oil, spice or fibre, no request is a problem. It’s always a pleasure to make everyone feel comfortable so that they can relax and enjoy the meal without frustration, worry or embarrassment. Just one of the benefits of having your own private chef for the day of your meal.


This is just one of many insights into my work as a travelling private chef in the North of England. "Where do you cook?" I hear you ask, "I'm looking for a private chef near me".

Well, this example relates to my work as:

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