Dusk at Ivy Cottage in Casterton near Kirkby Lonsdale

Dusk at Ivy Cottage in Casterton near Kirkby Lonsdale – just inside the Cumbrian part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park – where I met a lovely family from Cheshire who were celebrating a 70th birthday with a meal. I had lots of company in the kitchen – the youngest diner spent time at the counter colouring in cbeebies Numberblocks pictures while watching the chef preparing the food, asking some very perceptive questions, and then ploughing his way through king prawns, lamb shoulder and chocolate tart in the dining room. Most of the ingredients came from local farms in Lancashire and North Yorkshire – lamb from Blacko, honey from Salterforth and organic veggies from Clapham, just 10 miles away.


This is just one of many insights into my work as a travelling private chef in the North of England. "Where do you cook?" I hear you ask, "I'm looking for a private chef near me".

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