Some of the ingredients for a tapas feast

Some of the ingredients for a tapas feast, left to right: local honey from the Pennines where Yorkshire and Lancashire meet, organic wines, vinegars and oils, artisan breads, pantry staples from Italy and Spain; plus the finest fresh organic veg: sweet peppers, courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines, field mushrooms, spring onions, potatoes, apples, green beans, limes, garlic, sage, thyme, oregano and chives …oh and some saltmarsh samphire from the coast. Everything else was hiding in the fridge at this point.

Bread from @theartisanbakers
Staples from @sumawholefoods
Veg from @riverford, @_growingwithgrace_ and @organicnorthwholesale
Herbs from my garden

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This is just one of many insights into my work as a travelling private chef in the North of England. "Where do you cook?" I hear you ask, "I'm looking for a private chef near me".

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