I said I’d experiment today…

I said I’d experiment today…
making Yorkshire puddings with new @noojfood almond paste (created just down the road on the other side of Skipton). It worked a treat!

My recipe:

30g nooj
200ml water
3 eggs
120g plain flour

Plus rapeseed oil brushed around the Yorkshire pudding tray, heated in the oven before you pour in the batter.

Bake for 30 minutes at 180C when the mixture is split four ways (you might need a bit less cooking time if you have a tray that makes six shallower Yorkshires).

For a vegan option, leave out the eggs and add a very heaped teaspoon of potato flour and another of cornflour to the plain wheat flour.

For a gluten free option, replace the wheat flour with oat flour. As well as the eggs, add a teaspoon of potato flour and a teaspoon of cornflour (which helps bind the mixture).


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