I’ve been getting @riverford veg boxes since 2002 but it’s only r

I’ve been getting @riverford veg boxes since 2002 but it’s only recently – after more than a little nudging from Guy and the team – that our family BBQs have been transformed. Today – a word worthy of former Ermysted’s teacher Mr Douglas’s geography lessons and dinner speeches – a cornucopia! Field mushrooms, courgettes, peppers, lettuce*, tomatoes, onions and more …even the first of this season’s summer turnips found their way onto the rack (sliced and cooked like aubergines and tasted like aubergines – didn’t expect that one). We’ve gone from no veg on the barbecue to mostly veg, something I never expected.

*Yep, lettuce. At first – I’ll readily admit it – I was sceptical about roasting or griddling lettuce… but have tried it a few times now, including on the barbecue today, and it’s fab. Salt, pepper, olive oil and a few minutes, that’s all it needs

Huge thanks to @naturalcharcoalcompany in the for the delivery of sustainable coppiced charcoal during lockdown last year. I’m still working my way through it – the quality is excellent.


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